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Mar 31, - Dr. Minkin told us that, although "there is no biological reason to remove pubic hair," shaving down there is a safe option for removal, as long as you're doing it correctly. "The major concern with shaving is cutting oneself — but as long as you don't get cut, there's not much harm," Dr. Minkin said.

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Shaving is one way to remove pubic hair — if it's done right and you're very careful. Using shaving cream also may help protect sensitive skin, like the skin around the bikini area. If you're nervous about cutting yourself, you can try an electric razor instead. There are some downsides to shaving. Sep 10, - As a new study shows that majority of women who shave their bikini lines Sanghani finds out if pubic hair removal is really that dangerous. I spoke to Hugh Byrne, a consultant gynaecologist, to find out the real dangers of.

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Nov 22, - Shaving pubic hair is pretty easy, but is it safe? We asked a gynecologist to weigh in. May 11, - How to Shave Your Pubic Hair. If you are new to pubic shaving, you may want to leave your hair short for a couple of Is it safe for your skin?

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Jul 11, - Shaving or trimming pubic hair is now common among both sexes, with a recent survey finding that 84% of women had done it. But is there any. While some people may think that removing their pubic hair is the best option, it can actually be quite dangerous.

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Dec 1, - So probably it isn't a great idea to shave it off for purely aesthetic reasons. Know if using hair removal creams is a safe option to get rid of pubic. Aug 22, - Some girls trim their pubic hair, or go to a salon to have a “bikini wax”; others prefer to shave just Safety Guidelines when Shaving Pubic Hair.

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Oct 5, - Here are 6 simple steps for shaving pubic hair safely without unwanted follicles — shaving your vulva is totally safe if done in the proper way. Shaving pubic hair is easy and can be done at home, but is it safe? If you do it carefully, and always use a new, clean razor, it can be done relatively safely.

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IMPORTANT! If you SHAVE YOUR PRIVATE PARTS, WATCH The Video BEFORE | How To Shave YOUR. Mar 12, - For special occasions, or if you really want to up your shaving game, DeoDoc provides a genital-safe alternative to traditional shaving sets.

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I am a female who is trying to go zero waste. I shave my pubic area like everywhere, everything, not just bikini zone. I am afraid of the Pubic shaving with safety razor: wicked_edge. Mar 23, - Some guys trim their pubic hair, others prefer to shave or wax, and most guys just leave it alone. Safety Guidelines when shaving pubic hair.