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It is recognized that functional causes of fecal incontinence such as constipation and diarrhea may overlap with structural abnormalities (e.g., sphincter muscle.

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The internal anal sphincter is a continuation of the smooth muscle of the rectum and is under sympathetic control. The external anal sphincter and pelvic floor muscles are striated muscles, innervated, respectively, by sacral roots 3 and 4 and the pudendal nerve. The external anal sphincter is a thick, red voluntary muscle. It is wrapped around the internal anal sphincter muscle. It is the one you squeeze when you feel the.

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Mar 24, - weakness of the anal sphincter muscles that allow us to voluntarily hold for Functional GI & Motility Disorders Center; Professor of Medicine. The anal sphincter consists of two muscular components: the internal anal sphincter (IAS), a to cm thick expansion of the circular smooth muscle layer of the rectum; and the external anal sphincter (EAS), a to cm thick expansion of the levator ani muscles.

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PURPOSE: The sphincter muscles in anorectal anomalies, which do not appear in the surgical field, cannot be described adequately. Details of the anal. The anal canal is surrounded by the anal sphincter complex, which is Many of the disorders above are due to improper functioning of the pelvic floor muscles.

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damage to the anal sphincter muscles; damage to the nerves of the anal sphincter muscles or Abnormalities of the pelvic floor can lead to fecal incontinence. Oct 30, - 5 patients showed intact anal sphincters and puborectalis muscle. 4 patients found with thick IAS > 4 mm, 4 patients with thin IAS.

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the anal canal that follows the relaxation induced by rectal distention (the rectoanal inhibitory reflex) (9). Both the smooth muscle internal sphincter and the. Smooth muscle involvement in primary muscle disease. Arch Pathol. Anal sphincter abnormalities characteristic of myotonic dystrophy. Gastroenterology.