How to write an essay. Its differences from other works

If you’ve decided to write an essay, you’d understand that isn’t only your thoughts on the paper. An essay includes also own composition and some rules of writing. It isn’t a dissertation with strict rules and mandatory conditions.  Writing an essay, you’d know that it consists of three parts: introduction, body and conclusions. There aren’t reviews, lists of literature, tasks, solutions, innovations. There are only your opinion, its confirmation by facts and the outcome of your argumentation.  

To compare dissertation and essay is very difficult. Because these works have different goals, amounts. The idea of dissertation is to bring innovations, the main thing in work is novelty. If you didn’t show something new to the reader or the commission, then your work isn’t a dissertation at all. According to an essay, you don’t need to puzzle over something new, it isn’t necessary to conduct research, learn scientist’s work, look out scientific projects. You just should express your opinion about smth. You’ve to choose an interesting theme for an essay, if you want that it will be read by smb else, except you.  An interesting theme isn’t a guarantee of your success. It’s important for essayist to deliver text, having author’s style. No matter how original your theme was, if you write boring dull story. Slake the reader’s interest is not so simple, he needs to fall in love with your text. Or you can hire an expert essay writer at to deal with your essay when you are out of time or have more homework assignments to completeIf you have own style, it willn’t appeal to everyone. But this is better than usual, unleavened texts.

Creating own style, don’t forget that your essay isn’t a poem. You’d keep up the composition. Working with an introduction, acquaint reader with your point. Then give him a chance to agree or disagree with it. Don’t press him. In this part you just tell about theme of an essay. According to a body, you’d proof you opinion by some facts, maybe situations from life or literature. Write confidently, you’d use the link for the recipient to see that you aren’t just forge some ideas. In conclusion repeat your point of a view and proof it in short form by 2-3 sentences.