Writing a dissertation. Planning of efforts and time.

Solving problems is always time consuming. And graduate students often can’t do science, they need free days. When negotiating with an employer, be sure to agree on free days, at least one day a week, so that you have free, and even Saturday and Sunday. Today you are investing in yourself. If you don’t have these days off, do ‘routine work’, and then try to write a dissertation, nothing good comes of it.

Today you are investing in yourself, defending your thesis. Therefore, to negotiate with the employer, to have one day off a week, so you go to the library and do science for 16 hours in the day, plus Saturday and Sunday, then there is a chance. And when you come to the lecture on a weekday after work, but there is nothing in the eyes, believe me, this is a waste of time. Earn a little less, but by all means have free days.

Don’t waste time on ‘narrow’ topics that are of no interest to anyone. You can’t waste time on a dissertation that will become obsolete before you can protect it, you can’t waste time on a dissertation that will go to the regiment and be forgotten six months from now. Always try to choose the right balance of the importance of the work and the effort. Any dissertation is a spent effort. Somehow one of authors decided to do a job about selling cars, he was commissioned by an association of car dealers. He worked on this topic for a while, analyzed sales, built a regression model, and before handing it over to the customer, he told a friend what he had done. friend told him that everything works out well, but macro factors that influence the economy as a whole are not taken into account. Therefore, if now something “rocks” in the system, everything can change. And he calmly replied  that nothing will happen.

Less than a week passed, a crisis occurred, and all these regression models turned into nothing. So, don’t do models that will turn into nothing in an instant.