Logical and emotional aspects of a composition

Composition is a work that should include not only personal student’s opinion, but the factual part, based on critical articles and have a structure and plan.

Despite the fact that it is very reasonable to rely on critical articles, it is necessary to be able to demonstrate personal ideas. The plan of how to write the composition-reasoning correctly, can only prompt the direction. The main job remains for the student. His own knowledge and emotions should help him demonstrate personal impressions of the topic of writing. A primitive retelling or repetition of the text written by the critic in the textbook is unacceptable. In each work you can find something that especially makes you think or draw attention. This is what should be mentioned in his written work, so that it would be as personal as possible. Otherwise, for all the consistency and consistency, the composition will be unsuccessful and will receive a low score. Original and expressive style You can advise others how to write the right composition, but you can’t share your inspiration, unfortunately. But this also has an impact on the result. The writing should be not only logical, but also emotional. The original and vivid text, which illuminates an interesting point of view, always stands out favorably among other works. The ability to express emotions in a fluid and expressive manner is very good for characterizing the intellectual development of a schoolboy. Especially important is the ability to express their thoughts for those who hope to enter the faculty of creative direction with the help of the composition. Such students should develop their imaginative perception in every possible way and learn to open the topic with the help of all possible means of artistic expressiveness, such as comparisons, epithets, etc. Logical thinking in its original form is the ideal of style for the creative composition of the graduate. It is important to be able not to overdo it with emotion – pathetic and arrogant text seems pretentious and contrived. Try to write without unnecessary emotions, but don’t restrain yourself too much. Failure of emotions can cause dryness of the text.