Basic requirements for the design of the dissertation

If you already have a manuscript of scientific work, you can proceed to the final stage, which is held by all applicants of a scientific degree. For this it’s worthwhile to carefully study the requirements for the design of the dissertation. Let’s pay attention to the content of the prepared work. It should have all the necessary elements, which traditionally make up the composition. Of course, it must begin with the title page. Here it’s necessary to give the title, the names of the author and his supervisor or consultant, the specialty for which this work is protected, place and year of implementation. In this case, the year in which the preliminary protection of the work was carried out is given. The demands for the formulation also regulate the form of the content, the sheet on which the conventional symbols and abbreviations are given. On the latter, it’s necessary to bring all the abbreviations that occur in the text . Approach this point with all responsibility so that there are no comments from your opponents and experts. It’s also worthwhile to cite conditional reductions, which are considered common for your specialty. Like all other scientific works, the thesis begins from an introduction in which data are presented that confirm the relevance of the studies performed, the formulation of the goal of the work. This is a list of tasks that were solved during the preparation of this dissertation, substantiates the practical val of the results achieved and provides information on their approbation. The body  is divided into 4-5 chapters, each has a logical conclusion. The first provides information on the results of the scientific activities of other researchers who worked in the same or an adjacent direction. Analyzed and compared the available facts. The second chapter describes the materials and techniques used. It isn’t necessary to focus on standard methods in this case. In subsequent chapters, data are presented on the work done, the results obtained and their significance, not only from a scientific, but also from a practical point of view. Demands for the design also apply to the list of sources used. At the same time, it should begin from a list of publications of the applicant, in which the main achievements were reflected by author.